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Welcome Home ;-)

You can visit us at the weekends in winter times and everyday during the day-time-before sunset- in summer time. In order to be able to find our just-about-to-be-formed farm you should turn to the road going up to the mountain from the opposite of Menemen Autogar (the entrance is next to SOK Market) and pass through Belen and Çukurköy to reach Turgutlar Köyü (its old name was Dutlar Köyü) where there are people living only in two of the houses while the others have been deserted and ruined. There you can ask about us to the shephards or follow the “imece” signs. 


Being a volunteer can be explained as people getting responsibilities with their own free will. We all do many things at home, school, work-place and in the society or the environment we live volunteerly. Our ethical beliefs make us help the others as much as we can and even sacrifice our own comfort. The benefits of volunteer work can be listed as learning new things, gaining new skills, meeting new people and the happiness of providing unconditional help with the subjects parallel to our own targets in life. İmece Evi, as a civil initiative and an ecologic village project targeting to be self-contained while helping the places like Dutlar Köyü to convert into ecologic villages accommodating natural life groups, has always been getting help of volunteers sensitive for ecologic issues both, locally and from abroad. By this opportunity, we would once more like to thank all volunteers who have worked directly for İmece Evi or for its goals to be achieved, and/or have contributed in any actions to protect the nature as well as the natural resources. 

If you wish to be a part of İmeceevi-even if it is only a temporary part- the only conditions are to be able to get your own responsibility; not being under psychologic treatment; not having any addictions such as to smoking, alcohol, drugs etc; to be an adult or accompanied by your parents; to know how to listen rather than talk; to desire being a part of a big family and to volunteer for any possible duties.  

Our expectations from those, especially the volunteers, we share the İmece areas with: Do not bring any substances causing addiction, beverages with gas, any plastic covers and/or plastic bottles. In stead of those, take your will of cooperation, your love, your knowledge, your tolerance together with any musical instruments you play, your tent and sleeping bag to live in the field-only your sleeping bag is enough if you stay in the village-, your boots, your raincoat depending on the season and any special food you like with you! ::-))  

It can be chilly in the evenings even in mid-summer. Therefore you should take a warm top with you. You have to have a hat to protect yourself from the sun during the day and of course, some light and comfortable shoes. Do not forget your swimming costume if you wish to swim in the stream or in the pool of the water-fall to feel cooler :))

You can use the WC connected to the drain if you wish to use your own tooth-paste, shampoo and toilet paper. In all the other areas, on the other hand, you have to use only the products we produce for your personal cleaning to be able to keep the nature under protection. 

We also have volunteers staying for 3 months or even a year. Here the decision is made by the natural flow of time but mostly by themselves. 

While planning, have a look at the list below (*) under the heading of “School of Natural Life” and choose the topics you would like to get information about being limited to the season and the weather conditions experienced at the time. 

Be ready to find a big community of Türkmen residents and villagers from the neighbouring Yörük villages who would come and learn about you and your life while putting some extra afford to understand why you left your lively, shinny, beautiful cities to come to this mountain at nowhere! By the way, you will be assumed of being a “treasure-hunter, spy, mine-seeker and even a drug consumer/producer” by all the locals (villagers, forseters, gendarme etc.) until they start knowing you better ::-) 

If you intend to join us then you should write a short letter and inform us about your arrival date as well as yourself, your abilities and expectations. ; Bu mail adresi spam botlara karşı korumalıdır, görebilmek için Javascript açık olmalıdır

You can call us at any stage you have problems: 0543-6775809.


We organise more intensive camps to share experience with those who have limited time and can participate in the daily activities less than the others because of their personal reasons. If the details given above are also valid for yourselves, of course you should start planning, and please do not hesitate to ask about anything at any any stage if/when you are not sure about. For details you can visit our activities page. 

Where and how will you be accommodating?  

There are the rooms and the living room of our house with thick stone walls. We normally stay in “separate rooms for men and women” with bed linens on the hay filled mattresses or in sleeping bags, all brought by yourselves.  Those who wish to have more privacy should bring their own tents! There are toilet and bathroom in the house, but we recommend everyone to use the open-air in the first place so that our personal wastes can immediatelly locallised, spread in the nature and be a part of the cycle in stead of taying in the cetral system. 

Meals are prepared by the volunteers in either the internal or the external kitchen, depending on the weather conditions, and eaten altogether. Generally around 22:00 everybody is in bed and we waken our digestion system with fruits around 08:00 in the mornings. According to our plans and work-sharing in the mornings we take care of the farm duties and/or our own personal works. We have breaks very often during which we have nice chats. Nobody is obliged to work unless they volunteer for something they wish to take care. 

We do not charge volunteers 

 İmportant Detail!!! 

You should understand that Dumanlıdağ is exactly a wild and remote place. Some of our guests thought that we were “kidding” until they decided to go back after Çukurköy or Dutlar. There is not road to drive to İmece. At least in winter, the only possibility is to come to the village by a vehicle and then walk for 500 metres.  We do not have unlimited power source, ADSL etc. Electricity is limited with the power we produce or take from the battery of the transportation vehicles.

We get access to the internet by the help of the mobile broadbands attached to the computer. We do not have bottled or natural gas, or central heating. You should bring with you woolen underwears not to catch cold in winter and fine materials not to feel the heat much in summer. We have a small library to save time for yourself and help your personal “lightening”. If you bring any books or other documents on plants, animals, forest etc which would help to learn more about the nature we all can read ))

 You should plan to your visit keeping the fact in your mind that İmece and the Dutlar Ecovillage we still in process to form are perceived by some people as peaceful and productive paradise which raise awareness and by some other ones as hell of nothingness!!!  

We expect your e-letters to Bu mail adresi spam botlara karşı korumalıdır, görebilmek için Javascript açık olmalıdır for information about your possible arrival date and telling about yourself, your abilities and expectations.    

İmece Evi,

the Farm for Natural Life and Ecological Solutions.  

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Phone number: 0090 543-6775809

Address: Turgutlar Köyü,Menemen,izmir

Cargo delivery to Yurtiçi Cargo Menemen Branch. 


By train

There are direct trains to Menemen from Ankara, Eskişehir, Bandırma and Balıkesir. From the other areas there are connected trains to Menemen. Return journey can be done in the same way.


By bus, private car or byscle, you can reach to Menemen-İzmir from whereever you are. Once you are in Menemen the easiest way to reach us is through Belen, Haykıran and Çukurköy.

However, you should follow this route once the rains are over and the earth gets dry. Actually, it is better if you consult us beforehand! Those who have navigators can directly write Turgutlar Köyü and reach us.

Public Trasport

From İzmir Airport there is direct metro connection up to Aliağa. It is a very comfortable journey. From the autogar, on the other side, there are also minibusses going through Karşıyaka and Çiğli.

From Menemen to İmece

If you drive your own car, take the side-road (next to SOK Market) on the mountain side of the traffic lights on İzmir-Çanakkale road; it is the end of the modern life!! After passing through the fields and the bridges you will reach to Belen, as the first place. Here you should turn right and follow the road parallel to the channel and the mountain. 500 metrse later, just before the entrance of Haykıran Village you will see a sign to the left: Çukurköy & Turgutlar. Take this left, and now you will be climbing. Before Çukurköy you should turn right and right again to the East. The summit of the mountain should be on your left. If you see a shepherd or a villager on your way, do not hesitate to ask for us or Dutlar Köyü (Village) and chat.

You will climb a little more and pass through a pine-tree forest. In the 6th km, while you are going down, you will see some ruins and a few small groups of houses. You are in Dutlar Köyü.

If you carry on straight, you will be in the totally ruined centre of the village and cannot continue by car. If you turn right you will go to Bozalan Village, we are on the left.

The road may seem bad, but don’t worry, even the normal city type cars arrived safely (in summer)! Once you are on the upper part of the village you will see a pond on your right and 300 metres later there is a juntion. To reach us you should take the one on the right. You can see our signs along the road. 100 metres later you can park your car in the opening on the right. We are among the trees just under where you are.

Once the weather gets wet, it is not really possible to continue by the vehicle. Therefore you should park at the village and walk for only 700 metres. If your luggages are heavy let us know so that we can come to help you.

Those who will come by public transportation, if you inform us before you arrive in Menemen we can arrange one of the vehicles coming to the village to give you a lift. This is the most comfortable way for transportation J

Otherwise you can take one of the minibusses going to Haykıran from the Menemen Bus-station (Garaj) and get off at the junction of Çukurköy and hitchhike. As all villagers travel in the same way, it is not up to the will of the drivers like being on the intercity roads, but carried as a common cooperation. After Çukurköy there is a wonderful walk for 7 kms. If you look at the map you can see that there is a shorter route through water bank and the forest. However, we do not recommend this road as there is a risk of being lost.    

On Thursdays it is the open-market day in Menemen and there are minibusses from the autogar until 16:00 at the latest; then you should again walk. And the last option is to take the minibus/bus to Bozalan in front of the metro/train station at about 16:00 everyday. From there you can reach us after a walk for 5 kms if you take the earth road and 3 kms if you choose the footpath. However the last 2 kms of the footpath is climbing up, so we wouldn’t really recommend it. On the other hand, it is nice to walk among the big pine trees and fountains.. well, it is up to you!  

Please inform us whatever your choices are by

Bu mail adresi spam botlara karşı korumalıdır, görebilmek için Javascript açık olmalıdır or 0543-6775809.

As you know we are on a wild and remote place, and not very willing to go down to the city. Therefore we will be grateful if you can bring as much of our urgent needs as you can carry with you. And we will be vey happy if you can plan your arrival for any time during the day J

Finally, do not think that we are kidding when we say “a wild and remote place” and that you can always find transportation to come to Çukurköy! If you cannot dare to walk alone in a wild nature please let us know so that we can arrange one of the vehicles coming to the village to pick you.